Legal services for charities

For charities which are already registered we can assist with the management and administration of your charity moving forward.
Below is a list of the matters upon which we can assist during the management of your charity:-

a) Good governance advice including preparation of policies covering conflict of interest, decision making process, financial control & procedures, risk management, anti-bribery and others.
b) Complaint procedures
c) Fund raising agreements
d) Volunteer agreements
e) Commercial participator and sponsor agreements
f) Lotteries and Raffles
g) Trading – legal requirements
h) Loans
i) Land acquisition, mortgages and leases.
j) Conversion of company set up as charity wishing to convert to a charitable incorporated organisation – click here conversion of company to cio

We will be pleased to discuss any of above and advise and quote for fees to deal with the issues for you. Just email your query to or text or call 07710141058 or call landline 01925757887.