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Can our charity assist with COVID-19?

The Charity Commission’s guidance has been updated to give consideration of the extent to which the charity sector can undertake activities aiming to help with the effects of the virus. Charities may be keen to  tackle the Coronavirus and its impact, but not all charities will find themselves in a position to help. It depends […]

Government launches new safeguarding portal for charities

Free online resource for charities launched by the Government. It is a safeguarding portal created to help charities handle safeguarding concerns or allegations. See The portal is intended to show charities how to handle a safeguarding concern or allegation, with prompts to take certain actions or to contact particular people or agencies.  It also […]

Issues for trustees considering a CEO’s remuneration.

Marie Stopes International  has been warned by the Charity Commission that its work faced being “undermined” over the decision   to award its CEO a bonus equivalent to his salary.Simon Cooke  the chief executive earned £434000 last year  including bonuses- up from £300532 in 2017. The charity had not been able to provide the Commission with […]

Guidance for trustees of charities dealing with a connected non-charitable organisation

This guidance is for trustees of charities that have a long-term close relationship with a connected non-charitable organisation such as a: trading subsidiary commercial business not-for-profit organisation or social enterprise Here we highlight some of the existing law and practice which trustees and charities should be following. A  charity must have purposes ( ‘objects’) which […]

Do you wish to volunteer to help a charity?

The Royal Voluntary Service has launched a new advertising and recruitment campaign to increase volunteering by older people in local communities. The campaign will encourage people to offer whatever skills and experience they have to help in their local areas. Check out their website to find out more.

Seeking volunteers for your charity?

Seeking  volunteers for your charity? The normal methods of recruitment will be : word of mouth personal recommendation advertising in national or local press Websites where you can advertise volunteer roles include Volunteering England, Reach and TimeBank and KnowHowNonProfit has guides on where to find volunteers and the volunteer recruitment process. Make Criminal records […]

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